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tv   Headline News  RT  June 1, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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the headlines this morning tens of thousands of enraged turks filled the streets of istanbul demanding the government immediately resigns with crowds further angered by a no holds barred police crackdown. in front foot it was the result of financial capital becomes a battlefield between furious protesters and baton wielding offices firing tear gas and pepper spray in a tent to disperse the crowds. before into this morning an american and british citizen have been killed in the syrian war fighting alongside the opposition amid fears that the pro rebel rhetoric is pushing westerners to foreign battlefields.
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good morning to you just joining us my name is kevin this is our t.v. right now it's one am sunday morning here very early on and it's midnight in istanbul turkey where in the last hour protesters have reportedly tried to break through police blockades aim to storm the prime minister's office the demonstrators are asking for the government's removal after a local rally was brutally dispersed by police earlier that triggered violence across the nation and say a close look at the scenes that we've witnessed in the last two days we saw a swelling of police presence in the city on saturday with riot police numbers simply matching those of the protesters at one stage water cannon was used to disperse the demonstrations was yet strong enough to knock people over the tear gas used against the crowds has reportedly seen around a thousand people seek medical help pepper spray and rubber bullets were also used to clear the streets of the angry campaign is over fifty people were wounded and more than nine hundred rested the cross the country is going to be following the latest. most of the roads have been blocked off to have to walk quite some way to
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my hotel and i've seen people who have also been arriving from the airport along with me would pick up their suitcases and somebody who would be meeting them would give them their masks so they could continue on their way to the hotel but would have to suffer basically you can love this tear gas on the syria where and it gives you this sort of out of history feeling in your throat this is all the result of the protests that have been going on in istanbul for the past you can say forty eight hours or so people started off with the sit ins and it just seems square where the government claimed to raise down a part of the seat and was dispersed by police who used tear gas after they did at least several dozen people that were there in the first place were replaced with hundreds upon hundreds were stranded thousands people in the same place in the square who were protesting but this time they were not protesting just the governor's decision to get rid of the park they were protesting the government all
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together people that i have spoken to say the park is just something that set off a major event park was just an excuse for them to finally pour out on the streets of istanbul and let their opinions be heard i see absolutely no determination on these people to leave in fact it seems that most of them are keep coming in and in who knows how this will progress because there has already been a dispersal of the protest using water cannons and again tear gas in fact the prime minister has already said that perhaps there was too much force excessive force being used to get rid of the protesters but even that excessive force obviously doesn't seem like it has done enough to make people leave a place that they have chosen to what some already calling the turkish spring a sort of a sister or continuation of the arab spring revolutions three topple shaken the middle east this is in a city truck the government's television channel and this is what people have been doing to mature. i have the t.v.
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tracks around here there they spray painting it with the cd saying that this is a sold government there. in the glass basically they're destroying the government property because it basically represents everything that the government media is about it's just they're saying it's just to pay out our way for the government to make it sound like nothing is really happening in the country we have to understand that we are in turkey and turkey even though it's vying for a spot in the european union actually has the highest number of journalist imprisoned in the entire world and it's interesting to note that this is another kind of here and actually it actually says that it is in the united states non-lethal technology it's good to know homer city pennsylvania made in usa. portable leaves the rest wouldn't gain such traction if the police and the weighed in so hard. it was very they were camping there full of three days and the police use the pepper sprays and even now. and then just the every day just got
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bigger and bigger tens of thousands of people joined the protest clear it's amazing to see how very small the more nationwide. clashes and demonstrations so it's that the government thought that these are the more you groups are trying to. trying to block. the construction but it turned out that some wasn't the case the police continue to use excessive force and your demands you know of going beyond the pork his promise to reject the one has acknowledged excessive force against protesters was used to tax them square has ordered an investigation into the misuse of tear gas by the police to support it international relations professor mark allman from university says promised to read it might see a repeat of what happened to leaders ousted by the arab spring. massive police
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action of course it has backfired and this is a very dramatic moment for the prime minister mr own has had for the first time to step back he was extremely aggressive in his initial statements that he wouldn't tolerate protests and now the man who was the first world leader to call for president mubarak to resign is now talking rather eerily like mubarak did shortly before his own fall he's now saying he's going to investigate the police he's got the people he wants to carry on the project so he's managing. to in a sense muddy the water but i don't think really to calm the situation because if you insist on carrying on with this project which is very unpopular even to the protest going we suppose relations disaster with huge economic into people. get updates on the unrest in turkey including live pictures in focus of the clashes also tell us what you think is going to pan out here thanks for doing so if you have so far this is what telling us we've got a web of voting right now the biggest response from you so far it's thirty five percent again think we might witness
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a full scale turkish spring not far behind thirty three percent of you expect the rest of insight an anti democratic crack there nineteen percent of you think it is going to force through major change there will be repeat repercussions after this minority thirty percent think it's going to fizzle out by the end of the week plenty of time to have your voice heard you can see it too as it pans out on screen at r.t. dot com. early this is. all about. next this morning brutal scuffles between riot police and a rage protesters have spilled over into the second day of protests in the euro zone financial capital frankfurt's home to the european central bank an institution that's increasingly drawn the ire of protesters peter all of the reports from they're next. what had been a peaceful protest is turned into
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a series of ongoing scuffles between riot police and demonstrators here in frankfurt as part of the twenty third same plucky pike then. we see paint throwing the police here we're seeing the police return with pepper spray as protesters try and break through police lines now only started after during a march that was supposed to go to the center of frank good police they demanded that demonstrators remove a mask that they were wearing and they refused apparently paint was throwing around several hundred riot police moved in and forcibly moved but the demonstration ensued and to several groups basically shutting down most of downtown central front put in front of the european central bank headquarters that bank headquarters looks more like an army barracks than a then i felt a banking headquarters but it doesn't show any sign of letting off but it's just it's every now and again we're seeing sporadic outbreaks of pushing shoving
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occasionally paint being thrown we're going i says of the event we were right at the front of the march told me that they believe that the. that this was planned all along by the police that the large police presence that was out here on saturday was designed to have this particular corner to disrupt the demonstration yeah i know in the form. of the police might try and disrupt the demonstration at the school and they were here in large numbers before this is our bridges but the doing is illegal stick to see them that they will be trying to put across the wrong story about. what. the price is. one of the fight for the people of europe in favor of europe and nothing ever all back. on flights that is with the democrats democracy is being curtailed and we're protesting against that but we're especially focusing on the suffering of the people in lisbon athens madrid in belin . and we want to bring victims into the spotlight as well as the main sources of
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this crisis and the main souless of banks big companies and corporations and loose financial controls but not the people. that say some twenty thousand protestors had attended the march for police think it's more like seven thousand earlier spoke to one told us rather some of the occupy london movement who told me that the frankfurt protest is a milestone in itself. but progress is taking place in the words of firstly the most of the country does so the level of the cross and it goes to a level all impoverished even in countries where we think are doing very well and everything from the older. people think because the conditions are goes beyond national borders but also. become more and more centralized an authoritarian obviously removed prison a single figure king like a figure. rich i mean over the last couple of years have taught at length or so
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many of our guests about the demise of the euro but end of the day the euro is still there and so the truck just as against it think about it is that a lot of the fact that we're trying to tap into the same time when more traditional shouldst big broad aside just greece perhaps or even egypt years ago you know strings are definitely shows there's a lot of clearing of the bank is still going on. mass rallies also took place in spain and portugal on saturday both nations among the worst hit by crisis and austerity thousands marched in madrid indeed demanding an end to hard hitting cuts and in portugal fifteen thousand protesters surrounded the international monetary fund's local office chanting i.m.f. out salome pinto is there for us. focus of people thank you are here the international monetary fund do european commission and do you pinsent all banks they add the backbone they want stock and she's like practical reason ireland's when many hundreds i live in. a mass will tell us who is not this one of the
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protesters and also one of the members of his new plan to try to get my god why you are here protesting. we are here protesting like we are in all the cities in europe we are protesting against the policies of austerity the policies of strike and the policies that are destroying people's lives of europe and we are here in lisbon in front of the i.m.f. where the laws are made on the back of the people in lots of on a democratic way we want the voice to come back toward to move to the people fifteen years didn't use ration will have any result of course all demonstrations have results right now and portugal we have massive demonstrations that would stop someone there to organise and it is an issue where i want to say go away go away right. away european central bank go away austerity avert out the people to get
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back to the democratic regime these people are demanding the resignation of the party's government and also the us are easy which has already nearly to force more than a million portuguese people out of a job because additional card table ready and forced to do governments do rethink stand off the main or all some of these more it seem plans that even the budget to revise the budget will mean markets to spending on else services enough for our departure city's main work is union to plan and general strike for june. twenty seventh. will be covering that slim we pinned to the first for aught but it's not just the public is angry these days even the bureaucrats seem devout enough as well coming up soon on the program here for brussels taking britain to court over substandard welfare for foreigners but the u.k.
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is once again told the e.u. it's overstepping the mark we've got the story and detainees being force fed in guantanamo bay prison have now written a heartfelt plea calling for independent doctors to be allowed into the prison to put an end to what they condemn as abusive painful and inhumane treatment we see with i've got to say in person after the break. they played a family jazz band together. hijacked a plane together. most of them from music to terra. question still remain. just bad hijack. you know sometimes you see
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a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought. i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture. human rights activists have reported the least three foreigners including a british man and an american woman have been killed fighting alongside rebels in the syrian war they were shot dead during an ambush near the turkish border and with clear signs they say that both were taking military action the woman is
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thought to be a thirty three year old single mother from michigan details marti's more important . the american woman that killed fighting alongside opposition forces in syria has been identified as thirty three year old nicole lynn mansfield her driver license photo in which she's pictured wearing a headscarf was broadcast by syrian television station mansfield reportedly converted to islam after falling in love and marrying an arab immigrants according to her family mansfield forced that man three years ago now the u.s. is reportedly working in the czech republic mission in syria to up the team more information about mansfield but this is not the first case of an american fighting in syria earlier this year eric bruno a former u.s. soldier made headlines when he posted videos of himself online in which he appeared to be fighting with rebel groups holding weapons and driving with fighters through
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contested parts of syria. your days are numbered you're going down in flames you should just quit now while you can and leave you're going to die no matter what where you go we will find you and kill you proport in from new york. r.t. . the news all western has been killed in syria's battles bucks up a recent report on by europe sounded terrible the suggest that these citizens have traveled to syria in the hundreds in the last couple of years many entering the country as jihadists the largest number of believed to come from the u.k. and france politics pressed stephen soon is still me it's commonly wars where western interests are complicit. we saw some cases of this involving oh look you know and indeed in afghanistan back in the days of the anti soviet resistance there are a lot of muslims around the world who have been concerned about the brutal repression coming down from the assad regime against the syrian people but unfortunately many
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of them have been working up with some organizations that are pretty nasty in their own right this is it is fairly unusual though to actually have americans coming in in fact ironically just as there are some elements within the u.s. government pushing for greater u.s. involvement support the rebels we have other branches of the government that have actually been no intercepting in prosecuting americans that have sought to join some of the more extreme elements of the opposition protests in support of bradley manning and getting momentum worldwide now just two days before the trial of the accused whistleblower said to open thousands of stage the demonstration the gapes of the army camp in fort meade where the cold wash was to be held the former u.s. army intelligence analyst is accused of sharing more than seven hundred thousand classified documents with wiki leaks more protests in support of the twenty five year old soldier were held in dozens of cities worldwide manning's been in custody now since his arrest at a u.s. military base in twenty ten in relation to the largest leak of classified
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information in the country's history he's pleaded guilty to ten of twenty two charges since then and is also accused of aiding america's enemies and undermining national security charges that could bring him life in prison if convicted he the rights activists craig murray believes manning's alleged crimes they were nowhere near to those committed by american soldiers in iraq. bandings discussed you get people told me american government people on the conservative side of the arguments say well he put individual lives at risk and those people of course have pretty well all of the mainstream media at their service if they had been any evidence at all that any person any individual had been killed or harmed as a result of these disclosures we can be one hundred percent certain but the politicians and the mainstream media have been telling us about it all the time but in fact nobody has been able to point to a single instance of anybody being harmed as a result of these disclosures nothing badly manning has done in any way
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approaches the level of criminality or for example the american soldiers who were deliberately shooting out and killing journalists in iraq and the fact that it's bradley manning who's on trial or not but i think that it's because he's been held in conditions which have been extremely difficult in the long periods of solitary confinement very little access to lawyers and others times is being kept naked in a small cells so clearly you know what his supper door already has been had been just before we even come to trial. online this morning from a cyber activists with a group anonymous say that hacked into the site of a cultural giant monsanto they briefly took the side of light in a demonstration against what they say is the company's insidious growth in the war aspects of the food industry it's interesting story developing there we got morning online and russian smokers take a very deep breath up to forty percent of the population after watch where they light up with a ban in force against puffing away in public buildings we talk about that as well
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. a group of hunger strikers a growing tide of obey prison have written an open appeal for an end to force feeding procedures calling for independent doctors now to assess the best treatment for the thirty six inmates are now being force fed out of one hundred three detainees some of. over themselves from us for months let's take a look at what the inmates say about a procedure that indeed the u.n. labels as torture but this is in their own words the prisoners say they don't wish to die but the say they're prepared to run the risk of the more than a decade of inhuman treatment and degrading treatment the detainees say that they try to refuse the treatments but is forced on them sometimes violently they go on to say that the procedure is extremely painful and done in abusive conditions the letter also accuses medics of performing a treatment experiment on an unprecedented scale as opposed to an richardson she's an attorney for one of the guantanamo detainees she told me just last evening what
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her client's been subjected to it in years are really attempting to have treatment be restored as human beings and rather than being punished and treated like animals i have had my client tell me many times they treat animals better than they are treating detainees my client has been kept in solitary confinement many of his items were taken away from him including attorney client mail he was not allowed to have a tooth brush toothpaste or so in his cell phone many many weeks i don't know yet even if he's gotten them to this day. they have made conditions times very reason cold for them in the cells they are acquiring that they submit to their humiliating searches of their genital area in order to meet with their attorneys or talk with them on that. it is just humiliating it's been difficult for them to sleep at night they are sometimes taken for their showers in the middle of the night sleeping up to decide between sleep and getting
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a little bit of clement us it's just an. brussels is taking the u.k. to court for refusing to provide european citizens of the same benefits of bestows on britons but westminster is vowing to fight every step of the way to protect its own laws artie's tesser is still has been following the story. the european commission is once again looking more closely at the affairs of its member states now one that's making particular noise especially when the citizens of that country is the commission's decision to launch a case against the u.k. if the european court of justice because the commission says that the u.k. has the discriminatory against nationals of other e.u. countries in receiving welfare now there's a way to the reaction from the u.k. particularly angry was from the government i want to from the work and pensions secretary who says that he will want a cave in he says a brussels is once again launching a land grab and over reaching into its areas of responsibilities and meddling into the affairs of national governments now we have spoken to a legal expert to explain to us why the commission has done what it has. a case
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where the commission. for feeling that. he wants to have a referendum in two thousand and seventeen you want to renegotiate the tradition. i mean. this latest move by brussels has once again brought to the forefront issues like sovereignty of member states immigration or the pressure put on social welfare systems the very issues that really have led to would increase and support for your skeptic parties and countries like the u.k. the commission is looking also at another country and it says that it has received complaints that the e.u. insurance health card which is supposed to entitle you citizens to free health care in public hospitals while they're traveling to other countries with a walk it has been refused by some spanish hospitals so one the one hand you have the commission maintaining that it's simply implementing the rules on the other you have accusations that brussels is once again dipping into the affairs of national
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governments and in the context of a great economic crisis and very public displays of social dissatisfaction this is yet another stress test for the e.u. as it tries to move forward reporting from brussels i'm tests are cilia. well doos a brief hundreds of english defense league members took part in rallies across great britain saturday though largely peaceful police were forced to intervene of a number of gatherings thirty one and fascists activists were also arrested in london one of the protester in a heated exchange with media members jumping the islamic slogans the group experienced a surge in support in the wake of that gruesome murder of the british soldier and bullets ten days ago. five al qaeda members working in baghdad to make sarin and mustard gas have been arrested four were shown to the media and iraq's defense ministry says the extremists planned attacks on western targets and in iraq using remote controlled drones sirens also suspected of being used by syria's rebels according to the u.n.
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to. the leader of france's followed party could now face racism charges of the european parliamentary committee decided to revoke or m.e.p. immunity the secret vote move has to be confirmed by the full parliament but it seems only a formality two years ago the french government open the case against marie le pen after she compared muslims praying in the streets with nazi occupation. just a little after one twenty six am here in moscow thanks ever so much for the company tonight solving but with begin very soon but next my colleague sean thomas be here with more international news in about thirty five minutes or so between now and then breaking set with host abby martin. a u.s. senate committee has passed
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a bill that if signed by obama will allow the u.s. to put a lot of weapons into the hands of syrian rebels this seems rather odd because many of the factions that are revolting seem like bad people to be arming in fact one rebel faction al nasra which according to the guardian is an islamist. organization with links to al qaeda is quickly becoming the most powerful rebel faction of all of them the b.b.c. even declared that al nasra has been designated as a terrorist organization by the us government itself as it started sounding like a bad idea to ship weapons into syria on american taxpayers' dollars yet let's just pretend that somehow all these weapons will magically not fall into the hands of al nasra well the free syrian army isn't much better they seem perfectly happy to use rape and beheadings and genocide against christian alawite minorities with great glee to get what they want arming radical groups always has blowback if you remember back to just the one nine hundred eighty s. the us funded and armed the taliban and those mujahideen fighter guys and look how
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that turned out the us government seems way too eager to arm radical foreigners and disarm average americans when they should be doing the exact opposite but that's just my opinion. emissions free cretaceous free storage free range and free. three stews free. food free books videos for your media projects c.e.o. don carty dot com. you live on one hundred thirty three bucks a month for food i should try it because you know how fabulous i'd like i've said. i mean. i know that i'm. really messed up. in the area so
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closely the. worst shit for the. white house to give a. guy four minutes from a pick up what you call for about six years you never seen anything like this. armstrong. thanks. well i'm abby martin well guys we've got a packed show for you today so let's get to it and let's break the sat. there are a lot of different ways to artistically express one's opinions and political beliefs i do it through the show and my art work some do it through music and others use the power of their words spoken word.


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